About Gwyn-Nor


Who is Gwyn-Nor Elementary?

Gwyn-Nor Elementary School is one of 13 elementary schools in the North Penn School District. Gwyn-Nor’s Mission is to provide a foundation of excellence where all students will have opportunities to achieve their academic, social, physical, and emotional potential. Our atmosphere will encourage creative self-expression and respect for the value, dignity, and diversity of each individual.

Effective instructional practices and goals will be set in collaboration with parents and the community. We will provide a safe, caring, and nurturing environment, which inspires students to become life-long learners who can adapt to changes which will occur within their lifetimes.


What is the Home & School Association?

The Gwyn-Nor H&S is a nonprofit, charitable organization operating under a 501(c)(3). H&S is a valued channel that links Gwyn-Nor families and staff, uniting the home and school under the common goal of creating a better educational experience for students. H&S fosters this crucial connection by fully funding field trips and transportation, assemblies, special events, and educational initiatives, as well as providing numerous social events throughout the year. It costs H&S about $65 per student a year to execute all of its programs.

Gwyn-Nor H&S is a volunteer-run organization and does not require families to pay a fee in order to participate. H&S operates solely on fundraising and voluntary family-paid fees.